India Holds Good Promise For Animation Students

Animation as a career has a potential for earning good money in India. If one is creative and has an ability to draw, it is a good idea to consider animation as a career. Animation movies are a combined effort by many different people specializing in a particular aspect of the work. One usually does only one work but there are people who carry out many different tasks.


The story is the central theme in this job.The story teller is the first in line. He is followed by story boarding, character sketch makers and creators of concept. The other openings are Ink and Painting, Clean-up, Scanning, composing, key frame animation, background creation, pay-out and in-between

Qualifications Needed

It is enough that the aspirants be only high school graduates to study for a diploma or a bachelor’s degree. And, if you want to study for a post-graduation degree, any bachelor’s degree will do. It goes without saying that some knowledge in computers is necessary. Some exceptions are Industrial Design, Technology and Engineering which require relevant degrees.

Degrees and Diplomas

Degrees are awarded in traditional Animation, Stop-motion animation,rotoscoping and digital 3D and 2D animation, drawing, Claymation and even human anatomy.

Where to study

While even small town India is filled with animation schools, reputed ones include Indian Institute of Design at Delhi, JJ School of Arts at Mumbai, Industrial Design centers at Mumbai and Guwahati, and Arena Multimedia at around 10 places, Rai university, a Delaware based entity has Distance Learning in its program and many students from India join the courses.

What the Future Holds

The burgeoning animation industry will bring in a revenue of around $400 before 2010. NASSCOM estimates this will translate into jobs for 300,000 animation experts. There is no dearth of sources. Deals are made with companies around the world. Animation is applied in many areas in entertainment channels like movies and television. business products, sales presentation, web designing, engineering, fashion, graphic design, advertising and computer games.

One heartening aspect of the training is that most of the institutes that train the students take the responsibility of finding them jobs too.


Reputed companies pay not less than rupees 10,000 for a fresh candidate. Hundreds of other smaller companies offer not too low a salary. As experience is gained you can expect it to up even to Rupees 40,000. There are animation professionals reaching a six figure salary in less than 5 years. So, for all practical purposes, a young man leaving his animation school at 20 or 21, will potentially earn on an average, Rupees 25,000 in 5 years, not a figure to scoff at.

Top 5 Benefits of Outsourcing Multimedia and Animation to India

India is the second largest entertainment industry after Hollywood with high potentiality. The huge resource with a pool of the best computing talents has certainly made India a pioneer in this domain. There are large production studios that are equipped with world-class hardware equipment and software like SoftImage, SFX, SGI, 3DMAX, Frame Grabbers, Sound Blaster, MPEG cards, and conferencing solutions for animation and multimedia jobs. The post-production and sound-editing suites with higher ISDN bandwidth availability make it more viable to operate across any part of the globe.

Huge entertainment companies like Sony, Walt Disney etc. have associated with Indian animation organizations for a TV animation deal. More than 200 companies rated as Fortune One Thousand have outsourced animation, software and multimedia tasks to India.

In today’s dynamic world where technology is constantly changing, multimedia applications with rich applications in terms of functionality and visual effects are being innovated. Factors like making the most of a limited budget and maximizing the ROI aside, outsourcing to India happens on account of other reasons too such as the following:

  1. Cost Advantages:

As the saying goes, ‘Money Saved is Money Earned’. With respect to outsourcing Multimedia Designs and Animations jobs, India as an outsourcing destination can give access to cost-effective services with the same kind of parameters. It helps in saving up to 60% of the overall cost when one takes into consideration the cost of manpower in terms of remuneration & recruitment costs, infrastructure and maintenance costs, fixed investments & capital expenditure, training costs as well as costs that are saved by not on investing expensive software and the latest technologies.

  1. Focus on core business:

It is a given that when businesses focus on their core work and outsource their non-core functions, they see a huge growth. It leads to an increase in profitability, quality services, higher productivity and greater performance.

  1. Dedicated Service Guarantee:

Multimedia design and animation services require experts and skilled professionals. The function that is outsourced is not your core competency while your outsourcing partner is specialized in their particular domain. The industry is rapidly growing in various fields like gaming based on augmented reality/virtual reality/artificial intelligence, simulation, web and mobile applications, which makes it very critical for SMBs to have skilled and trained resources. An outsourcing partner in India will be able to provide cutting edge services and offer a dedicated team as well.

  1. Quick turnaround time:

Yet another benefit of outsourcing Multimedia designs and Animation tasks to India is that you get a commitment for quicker service delivery to customers. With faster deliveries & high-quality services, clients and customers become more satisfied.

  1. Time zone advantages:

Outsourcing certain tasks to India has a time zone advantage as when it’s night in offshore regions, it’s day time in India. An outsourcing vendor is free to complete their work and send it back the next day. So, it means your workflow continues even if it is a non-working hour for your employees. This means your work happens faster and your business gets a competitive edge.

India as an outsourcing destination for all kinds of Multimedia Designs & Websites, Animation Projects & Video Animations, Modeling & Rendering, Flash & Animated Interactive Media is endowed with a huge group of graphic artists, illustrators, and cartoonists with ample expertise. With unmatched quality, competitive pricing, unique approach, faster TAT and world class service, you have a global player for animation and multimedia projects.